Integrated Production Systems for Sustainable Cashmere project

"Integrated Production Systems for Sustainable Cashmere" project

This project is a continuation of AVSF Mongolia's project implemented throughout 2017-2019 with the aim to develop a sustainable cashmere supply chain. In 2017-2019 the project supported the establishment and capacity building of herder cooperatives in seven soums of Bayankhongor aimag, and initiated the implementation of the Sustainable Cashmere Certification Scheme, creating a model for developing a sustainable cashmere supply and value chain at the herder level.

In 2021-2024, the "Integrated Production Systems for Sustainable Cashmere" is disseminating this model and method of sustainable cashmere production, endorsing the Sustainable Cashmere Certification Scheme at the national level, and contributing to the creation of value and diversity in Mongolian cashmere. Read more


Project objectives

The "Integrated Production Systems for Sustainable Cashmere" project aims to increase the supply and production of sustainable cashmere support local environmental, social and economic sustainability, and contribute to reducing pasture degradation and desertification.

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