Sustainable wool and cashmere

Simply put, sustainable production is a process of production based on equal consideration of environmental, social and economic issues.

What is sustainable production? 

Simply put, sustainable production is the environment, on the basis of equal consideration of social and economic issues is the production process. Environment - the process of preparation, processing, production and use of raw materials should not be detrimental to the environment or have little or no impact on the environment. In this area, pasture health is ensured and factors such as energy, water, land, soil, sewage, air, waste, animals, plants and greenhouse gases have no or little impact on the environment at each stage of production. 

Society - the people involved in the preparation, processing, production and consumption of raw materials, or the well-being, comfort and security of society. This section provides for the well-being of the raw material producer, the factory worker and the end user. Examples include working conditions, training, health, human rights, wages, health, and product quality.

Economy - Stable economic growth of stakeholders in the preparation, processing, production and consumption of raw materials and fair distribution of profits. This section refers to the process by which profits and income are distributed fairly and equally to all parties, and economic success is not adversely affected by social, environmental or cultural issues.

Photos by Pisati Beniamino:

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