Training on elaborating green loan proposal in textile sector

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Training on elaborating green loan proposal in textile sector

Training on elaborating green loan proposal in textile sector 

STeP EcoLab project held a two-day training for textile industries on how to elaborate a business proposal and financial calculations to obtain green loans in the textile sector. During the training, the participants got detail information about the goals and criteria of the loan, as well as on calculation of loan efficiency and preparation of financial statements. 

The green loan process consists of eight principles and objectives set out in the Guidelines. The criteria and the means to validate them are based on feedback from professional organizations and factories. Businesses with green loans have the advantage of being able to expand their operations within the sector, save costs, increase their international reputation, and thus contribute to reduce the risks associated with climate change.

Study on green financial market demand of Mongolian textile SMEs
Guide for green loan criteria in textile sector 

Figure: Green finance market of the Mongolian textile sector