How to certify sustainable cashmere?

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How to certify sustainable cashmere?

How to certify sustainable cashmere? - Podcast episode 

We had an exciting discussion on a podcast channel to talk about how the leading organizations work together to ensure the traceability and certification of sustainable cashmere and what efforts are being invested to develop sustainable cashmere value chain at every stage from herder to consumer. In addition the guests shared their knowledge and common practices on how herders are contributing to the supply of environmentally friendly and sustainable cashmere from Mongolia to the world market.

Sustainable production is a complex issue in itself and cannot be achieved in the short term. It takes time and constant investment to understand its nature and effects, to put it into practice, and to produce results and therefore we believe there should no greenwashing and misleading information about sustainable practices is allowed. Listen

The guests were: G. Enkhtaivan, Chairman of “Uguuj bayan Ulziit gol” Cooperative in Bayankhongor aimag; D. Oyungerel, Executive Director of Sustainable Cashmere Union, AVSF, Ts. Enkh-Amgalan, Manager of Green Gold-Animal Health Project, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, J. Chantsallkham, Manager of the Program on Sustainable and Wildlife-Friendly Cashmere Value Chain, Wildlife Conservation Society.