Sustainable Textile Production and Ecolabelling project

European Union funded project on Sustainable Textile Production and Ecolabeling  

Countries around the world are choosing the path of sustainable development and focusing on balanced development of environmental, social and economic issues. As a result of policy changes, major sectors of economic development, including the textile and apparel sector, are rethinking their strategic policies and focusing on the introduction of sustainable production and consumption principles in the supply-to-consumption chain.

The cashmere industry, based on traditional nomadic pastoralism, is a second driver of the Mongolian economy. In recent years, the Government of Mongolia has focused on the wool and cashmere sector and has integrated its strategic objectives for the implementation of light industry policy with development policies and programs.

Taking this into account, the STeP EcoLab project is supporting the supply of sustainable raw materials and production from herders to consumers at every stage of the value chain, connecting Mongolia's sustainable raw materials and products to the Mongolian and European markets. More

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Project objectives

Within the framework of its goal to support and contribute to the introduction of sustainable production in the value-added supply network of wool and cashmere, the following objectives will be implemented. These include:

Implementing partners

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