Sustainable Textile Production National Standard

Sustainable Textile Production National Standard MNS 6926 : 2021 

Mongolia has adopted the Sustainable Textile Production National Standard MNS 6926: 2021 and is now committed to introducing the first step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 12 /Responsible Consumption and Production/ in the wool and cashmere sector. Small and medium wool and cashmere producers who meet the requirements of this standard will be able to add value to their final products and thus compete at the global wool and cashmere market by offering authentic Mongolian sustainable products. 

The National standard is aimed at developing an environmentally friendly and traceable wool and cashmere industry. The main content and criteria of the Standard are derived from the Voluntary Code of Practice for Sustainable Production, a document which was initiated and developed within the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia project on Sustainable Textile Production (SteP EcoLab) jointly with the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association.

Currently STeP EcoLab project team in collaboration with the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association is providing consulting services to 18 national companies that are williing to implement the standard and becoming environmentally friendly and socially responsible producers. In terms of processing capacity, these factories cover 70-80% of Mongolia's textile production. The development of the standard is only the first step in the introduction of environmentally friendly and socially responsible textile production in the wool and cashmere processing industry, and is the starting point of a long journey. 

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